Where are whiskers located on a cat’s face and legs?

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A cat’s whiskers are located on the whisker pads. This is a puffy area on the face that can be found between the corners of the mouth and the outer edges of the nose. Also known as tactile hairs of vibrissae, a cat’s whiskers should never be cut or trimmed. They are extremely deep rooted in the skin in an area rich in both nerves and blood vessels.

Whiskers are used for a variety of purposes including navigation, as an indicator of mood, and for measuring the width of openings. Additional locations for whiskers include the “eyebrows,” the chin, and short whiskers on the feet and hind legs.

The leg whiskers are there to help the cat keep track of prey animals. Cats are shortsighted, so the whiskers help the animal to track prey close up and to judge its size in close quarters. The whiskers are so sensitive, a cat can feel the slightest change in the direction of the breeze, and will certainly feel a mouse or other animal running near its legs.

Whiskers are but another of the highly complex network of senses cats use to interpret the world around them. When used in concert with the animal’s highly acute vision and hearing, the whiskers help to ensure that Fluffy misses very little of what’s going on around him.

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