Where are the pressure points located on a cat?

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You can easily download a feline pressure point chart from the Internet. In fact, it’s imperative that you have one in case you’re considering giving your cat an acupressure massage. These types of massages can be very healing and have been used in China for more than 2,000 years.

To give your cat an acupressure massage:

• Pet her first until she feels comfortable. She may be hesitant at first and may flee from a massage, but if you are patient, she may come to enjoy these sessions.
• Find a feline chart that shows the acupressure points. These charts can help you know where the acupressure points are and what conditions you can help by focusing on each. You can also ask a holistic veterinarian or animal massage therapist about these points and any issues that your cat may be having. It’s important that you know this, because some pressure points actually correspond to other parts of the body—such as massaging her ears can help relieve pain.
• Talk to your veterinarian about any health issues that might interfere with acupressure. For some conditions, like injuries or wounds, you may need to avoid an area until it has healed. Having an idea of your cat’s overall health can also help you zero in on conditions that you might improve through acupressure.
• Choose a pressure point. Use your thumb and forefinger to massage the area. Your cat will should begin to relax. Move to another pressure point after two or three minutes.
• Adjust the amount of pressure you use on each point, as some may be more sensitive in some parts than others. After a few sessions, you should be able to gauge the right amount of pressure by how your cat reacts.
• Give acupressure massages two or three times per week. For older cats or cats with medical problems, acupressure can in some cases help relieve pain and help their bodies heal.

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