When was canine agility created?

Canine agility training and competitions first began in England in the 1970s. Demonstrations of dog agility were popular during the 1970s, and the popularly quickly spread around the world. Now, canine agility competitions are held regularly with many different styles of competitions and obstacles to showcase the very best agility skills.

The Crufts dog show in England in 1978 was the first documented canine agility performance and competition. Dogs were tested with jumps and obedience tricks. Early versions of obstacles that are still used today were also present at these early canine agility presentations. Obstacles like weave poles, tires, a-frames, tunnels and dogwalks were used in these early competitions and are still popular with canine agility course creators today.

Canine agility competitions spread to the United States and Canada by the 1980s. Today, there are many different rules and organizations that govern a variety of canine agility competitions. These competitions test the speed and accuracy of dogs who compete with handlers to complete the obstacle course.

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