Pig Can’t Fly, But When You See Them Doing THIS, You Might Just Melt!

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Okay, I found my next vacation. This place is definitely top five on my bucket list! And I guarantee after watching these videos, you’ll want to visit this place too! The Swimming Pigs are a growing sensation in Exuma, Bahamas. In an archipelago of 365 islands, located just south of Nassau and only 40 minutes from Florida, these cute little piggies reside on what has been deemed “Pig Beach,” on the island of Big Major Cay. The pigs live freely on the beaches, relaxing in the sun for hours, and also go swimming! Despite being feral, they are extremely friendly and greet visitors who bring them treats. They’re also fed by crews of passing boats.

How the pigs originally came to live on the island is a mystery, since they aren’t native and the island itself is uninhabited. Some believe that the pigs were dropped off by a group of sailors who wanted to come back and cook them but never returned, or that there was a shipwreck and the pigs swam to shore for safety. Some even believe pigs came from Columbus’ ship! However the pigs got there, it has been their home for many, many years. There are over 20 pigs and piglets who live there, and they enjoy the tourists who visit them, as well as the three freshwater springs there.

Here is the preview of the award-winning short documentary, When Pigs Swim:

Here is a video of the swimming pigs taken by a tourist:

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