When can pills be compounded into flavored liquids or pastes?

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Pharmacies are now offering compounding services more frequently as consumers are wanting tastier medications when it’s time to give medications to their children. Veterinarians are on the same bandwagon for similar reasons. It is often difficult to have children and pets take medications when those medicines taste unpleasant.

These days, it is possible to order medications in liquid form that taste like strawberry, cherry, and bubble gum, just to name a few. However, if you’re a dog or cat, these flavors may not suit you. Pharmacies realize this fact, and have now started to cater to the four legged, furry friends in homes across the country. Cats and dogs alike can now enjoy their medication with the flavors of beef, chicken, turkey, or even tuna!

Veterinarians are taking advantage of this partnership with local pharmacies and developing compounded medications that treat their patients, and make it easier on their clients to administer the medications at home. It is possible to get the appropriate medications in liquid, paste, or even treat form. Local and mail order pharmacies are opening their doors to veterinarians and pet owners alike, and it’s a win-win for everyone involved.

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