Dogs In Wheelchairs Kickin’ Up Dust At Animal Shelter In Morocco

SFT Animal Sanctuary based in Tangier, Morocco is home to over 500 animals rescued from the streets. The rescue provides a forever loving home for the pets that are not adopted, including 15 disabled dogs. Most of the dogs were found on the side of the road paralyzed after being hit by a car. The group vows to “never turn away from an animal in need and do our very best for each any every one of them.”

Each day they are faced with wounded, abandoned and starving animals that need help. With generous donations from people around the world, they were able to get wheelchairs for the disabled dogs, dubbed “wheelie dogs”. The dogs were once again able to run and play.


A video posted on the rescues Twitter showed a pack of “wheelie dogs” kicking up dust chasing a green ball. They played and acted like any other dog, not letting their paralyses get in their way. The hard-working staff built a sand pit that allows the “wheelie dogs” to play, after the rain washed out the previous area.

Screen Shots: Twitter/SFTAnimalRescue

Screen Shots: Twitter/SFTAnimalRescue

The pure joy displayed by the dogs will melt your heart. A huge thank you for the dedicated team of individuals that care and save these animals. You are all heroes in our book. Learn more about the sanctuary and their life-saving work by checking out their Facebook page.

Check out the adorable dogs playing in the video below. It is guaranteed to make your day.

July is one of the busiest months of the year for shelters and rescues. As the stray population explodes and more homeless pets are taken in, these facilities often find themselves struggling to keep the animals fed.

A single rescue pet will need 100 meals on average while housed at a shelter awaiting adoption into their forever home. National Feed a Rescue Pet Week is aimed at drawing attention to shelter needs during this critical time, and support from animal allies around the world. GreaterGood is stepping up to the challenge with the goal providing 4 million meals for homeless pets, but we can’t do it without your help!

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