Family Built A Special Ramp In The Front Yard For Their Senior With Mobility Issues

When one man was driving through his Nashua, New Hampshire neighborhood, he discovered just what lengths a pet owner is willing to go for their dog. As he was driving, he noticed something confusing – a wheelchair ramp that happened to zigzag all the way around a neighbor’s home, from the porch to the driveway, and even down to the lawn. The man found it entirely puzzling. At least, he did until he learned the truth about the ramp’s origins.

One day when he drove past the house and spotted Hershey. And that is when he knew what the ramp was for.

Posted by Alex Dunhom on Saturday, November 24, 2018

The man’s daughter, Alex Dunhom, shared a post about Hershey on social media.

Hershey was a senior dog with mobility issues, so his owners set up the wheelchair ramp specifically for him, in order for the older pup to be able to still enjoy the joys of the outdoors.

Alex posted to Dogspotting, a Facebook group, “For weeks my Dad didn’t understand why our neighbors would build a wheelchair ramp into the lawn instead of the driveway.”

Posted by Alex Dunhom on Saturday, November 24, 2018

She added, “Then we saw this elderly, chunky boy in the yard who can’t climb stairs anymore. Dad has replaced his confusion with admiration for these 10/10 owners and their very good dog. I have been informed by another neighbor that his name is Hershey.”

It’s a kindness that many of us would be willing to provide our senior pets with if they ever need it. The love that dog owners have for their pets is nothing short of heartwarming.

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