Wheat-Free Food, The Healthy Alternative

It’s dinner time and your furry friends are just not thriving on that bag of bargain food you bought at the “Cheaper Now” store. What do you do?

You have found that many articles are written about animal food diets. And many opinions exist. Most sound reasonable. However, I always suggest you talk with your veterinarian before you change diets, especially if you have any health concerns.

But food for thought: When was the last time you read the labeling on your favorite brand of dog food? Is meat, poultry, or fish the first ingredient listed? And do you know what all the other words mean? Pretty scary actually. I fed my dogs a nationally known food that had its founding here in Dayton, Ohio. I thought it was the best food to feed. Then one of my dogs started having stomach and digestive issues. My story is pretty common, but remember my stories are always times five. Remember I have five toy poodles that have been rescued from various unhealthy and unhappy situations. Poodles and small dogs will typically have what I call runny eyes. They just seem to have weeping and staining from the eyes that can dry and become crusty. Sometimes it even has that nasty yeasty smell.  But not just messy eyes and digestive issues had me investigating food and the quality of the foods I fed, but my concern about other allergies that can cause great frustration leading to chewing, scratching, licking, sneezing. My veterinarian suggested that I home cook all food and stay grain free. Being a responsible dog owner, I started cooking all of my dog food from scratch and adding fresh vegetables. Amazing results. Better coats, skin, digestion, fewer allergies. Then I wanted to switch to a prepared dry dog food that would be grain-, gluten-, and corn-free. Not the easiest thing to do. But the rewards are well worth the efforts to find wheat-free food and treats for your pals.

I really researched the foods that we feed our dogs and what the main ingredients were. I was shocked when I learned about the poor quality of nutritional ingredients in some of the most popular foods. I continued researching and found that wheat-free would give a the best all around nutrition and help eliminate many allergies or symptoms of allergies.

When you hear wheat-free you will also hear gluten-free. When a dog’s diet becomes gluten-free and wheat-free, many of the allergy symptoms and gooey eyes will disappear. Being wheat/gluten-free will also help skin issues and digestive problems like spitting up, vomit, and loose stools.

Remember, dogs are carnivores and do not need wheat for healthy balance. And glutens eaten over time can increase the chance of diabetes. Weight issues are often alleviated as well by feeding wheat-free diets. These diets are lower in carbohydrates, which basically just add pounds.

I recommend that regardless of the breed you have, you look into a high quality, wheat-free dog food. Dog food should never contain corn, wheat, or soy. And that will give you gluten-free choices. Most of the higher quality dog foods will offer grain-free. Just an FYI: usually in the better pet stores the higher quality food brands will be located in the front half of the store.

And when you start the new feeding, go slowly. It can take up to a month to completely transition the food change. Read the label and follow along.

For now, woof, woof. Next month I will be start blogging about my journeys in a motor home with my five poodles. First trip? Sacramento! Until then, woof woof!

Jenet Mullins is a retired sales executive from the media industry. As a Poodle Parent she shares her experiences and true life situations as a rescue adopter. Find her at Mediagal on Twitter or Jenet Mullins on Facebook.

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