What’s the difference between spraying and urine marking?

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Spraying and urine marking are behaviors displayed by dogs. A dog who is territorial or possessive will often mark an area or a specific spot with urine, leaving behind his scent to let other dogs know that he “owns” that space. Dogs will do this at dog parks, on walks, in the home, and even in new places such as pet stores or other’s homes. Spraying and urine marking can be a particularly hard habit to break, but one that needs to be addressed.

When a dog sprays, they are attempting to get their scent on as much as possible. This messy stream of urine is expelled over as large an area as a dog can cover. Tiny drops of urine will cover whatever is in the path of the spray, including carpeting, floors, drapery, furniture, home décor, clothing and more. Spraying is hard to clean up and very messy. A dog that sprays wants everyone to know what is his territory.

Urine marking is a more targeted approach to marking territory. When a dog urine marks, he will pinpoint a specific item or spot to urinate on and mark that area. Urine marking is common at dog parks and on walks where they are a number of other different dog smells and marks. A dog will want to show his place among the pack and claim a spot as his own by marking it with his scent.

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