What’s the best way to grow grass indoors for my cat?

Cats (and some dogs) love to chew on grass—but if your cat spends time outdoors, you need to be concerned about things like pesticides, environmental chemicals, herbicides and other potentially toxic substances.

Moreover, many indoor plants can be harmful to your cat.

Cat grass is a great solution. It contains wheat, oat and rye and is a good source of vitamins and minerals. Cat grass provides extra roughage in the diet, can help to eliminate hairballs—and will keep your cat away from those dangerous indoor plants.

It’s very easy to grow yourself, either indoors or outdoors. Many pet stores carry a cat grass growing kit with seeds to get you started growing your own cat grass. Of course, you can also purchase a kit online.

A good alternative, though, is to use wheat-berries in the growing process. Wheat berries are a form of grain, and they are sold at most health food stores and in some bulk food aisles of supermarkets.
If you can’t find a starter kit, wash a 4- to 6-inch growing pot with warm and soapy water to remove any dangerous bacteria. Rinse the pot with one-part bleach and nine-parts of water and allow it to completely dry.
Then fill the pot with potting soil and spread two tablespoons of seeds over the soil surface. Cover the seeds with about a quarter inch of potting soil, and then cover them up with a little potting soil—about ¼ inch. Spray the surface of the soil with water to prevent disrupting the seeds
Make sure you place it in a sunny spot. If you’re growing the potted grass indoors place it next to an east or south-facing window. If you’re growing it outdoors, place it in a spot where it will get at least six hours of sunlight.
You still need to water every day until the grass shoots begin to appear—but be careful not to over-water, just lightly dampen the soil.
When the shoots to grow to a height of about 3 or 4 inches, place the pot where your cat can enjoy the tender, young ones.

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