What’s the best way to clean my cat’s food and water bowls?

Food dish:
• Gravity-fed food or water dishes are becoming more and more popular. To clean a gravity feeder, first detach the dish from the bottle or canister and follow the directions provided by the manufacturer. You may need a bottlebrush to scrub the interior if the opening is not large enough to accommodate your hand.
• Dishwasher. Almost anything these days is dishwasher-safe, but plastic should go on the top rack so that it doesn’t melt.
• Hand washing: Use hot water and a squirt or two of a non-toxic soap. If the dish is glass, make sure it is warm (at least room temperature) before you run hot water in it or you could risk breakage.
• Steel wool: Be careful not to scrub too hard or you risk scratching the surface of the bowl. Rinse with cold water and dry with a dishtowel or paper towel.

Water dish:

The important thing to remember is to thoroughly rinse the water dish. Otherwise, soap residue will cause the water not t taste good and could possibly make your cat sick.

Once your pet’s bowls are clean and dry, you can either replace them on the floor or store them on the counter or in the cabinet until the next time they’re needed. Just remember to have water available to your pet at all times.

Keep your pet’s bowls rinsed after every use and you shouldn’t have a problem with insects congregating around your pet’s feeding area. Also, clean up any water or food spills on the floor with a mop or broom as soon as you notice them. Remember to store your pet’s food in a sealed container with a lid to prevent insects or rodents from getting inside the food and to help to keep the pet food tasting fresh.

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