What Your Pets Say About You: Celebrity Edition

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It’s time to judge people we don’t know simply by the pets they own! Want to know what Paris Hilton is really like? So do we, but since we won’t be meeting her anytime soon we’re using the tools at our disposal to guess for ourselves. Ever wonder what

ydotcom” target=”_blank”>Michael Bay is like when he’s not making another blockbuster? Sure you have, and so have we!

Elton John

The legendary Elton John reportedly owns several pets, but the one nearest and dearest to his heart must be Arthur, the cocker spaniel who acted as best man at John’s wedding to David Furnish. The Dog Whisperer himself (that’s Cesar Milan, if you didn’t know) says that owners of spaniels are “charming, trustworthy, and affectionate.” Cocker Spaniel owners are also said to favor family time, despite living busy lives and have a tendency to form a group of very close long-term friends. Sounds about right. Now, how does one go about becoming close lifelong friends with Elton John?

Michael Bay

Director Michael Bay owns two English Mastiffs. Mastiffs are large dogs, often over 200 pounds, and the AKC considers them part of the “working” group. According to livescience.com, owners of working dogs are “high in agreeableness and openness.” Agreeableness is fairly straightforward: essentially someone who is easy to get along with and makes others feel at ease. Openness refers to people with intelligence, appreciation for art and new experiences. While plenty of stories about Michael Bay’s on-set behavior are published across the web, impressions of the director off-set are quite different.

According to Bay’s longtime interior designer, Lynda Murray, as reported in Elle Decor, the director is “actually a relaxed and understated guy, especially when in Miami.”

Bay’s home in Miami was formerly residence to the family of Hulk Hogan and was used to shoot the reality show “Hogan Knows Best.” Since purchasing the property, Bay has completely revamped the home to nix the camp and give the home some soul.

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton takes the mantra “work hard, play hard” to a level that far supersedes most of us mere mortals. Jet-setting across the world for work doesn’t deter her from finding a party wherever she goes. Or is it the opposite? Maybe jet-setting across the world to party doesn’t deter her from finding some kind of work to do? Anyway, Hilton has a menagerie of animals, but her signature pet is her Chihuahua, Tinkerbell. An article from Forbes tells us that owners of Chihuahuas are often, much like their constant canine companions, mischief-makers. Considering Hilton’s antics captured by reality shows, paparazzi, tabloids and legitimate news sources we’d have to agree.

Here’s a video of Hilton and her pooch accepting an award for (we think) best pet personality. It’s pretty clear that both Tinkerbell and her owner are always ready to get into a bit of trouble. Enjoy.

Belinda Quail is a painter, caretaker and writer who loves reviewing new books, films and fashion shows. however, she’ll jump at the occasion to write about anything in general.

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