What ways can I introduce a dog to a harness and leash inside the house?

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Since puppies are not born with an innate understand of walking on a leash and wearing a collar, it will most likely take a little while for a puppy to become used to these items. Instead of forcing a collar onto your dog, snapping a leash to him and dragging him outside, you should first acclimate your dog to his new collar, harness and leash inside the home. A dog will be more comfortable and receptive to new things in an area he is familiar with.

Start by showing your dog the harness or collar that he will be wearing. Allow him to fully sniff the object. Then, pick up the collar or harness and gently drape it over his neck, without actually putting the collar on. Allow him to feel the collar and become comfortable with the collar or harness. Next, put the harness or collar on the dog for a period of 5 to 10 minutes. Take the collar or harness off and reward the dog with a treat. Continue to do this until it becomes easy to put the collar on without much fuss from the dog.

Repeat the same process with the leash. Allow the dog to sniff the leash and become familiar with the object. Next, put the collar on the dog and attach the leash to the collar. Let the dog walk around with the leash attached to the collar. Leave the leash and collar on for 5 to 10 minutes. Repeat this exercise a few times before attempting to take your dog outside with the collar and leash.

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