What types of harnesses are best to train a dog to walk on a leash?

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Most dog trainers recommend using a dog harness instead of a collar when training a dog to walk on a leash. This is because a collar is concentrated around the neck, and when a dog pulls, the collar can become very uncomfortable and ineffective. A dog who pulls while wearing a collar will have problems breathing, hurt their neck, and cannot be easily controlled by the owner.

In contrast, a harness that goes around the dog’s chest and neck distributes the weight evenly throughout different parts of the dog’s body. Instead of pulling on the neck, the harness pulls on the dog’s chest, which is able to absorb a lot more tension than the neck. Also, by controlling a larger part of the dog’s body, the owner will have a lot more control over the dog’s body during the walk. It is also harder for a dog to escape from a harness than a collar.

The best types of harnesses to train a dog to walk on a leash are harnesses that fit securely, are easy to take on and off, and are comfortable to the dog. If the harness is uncomfortable, your dog will not want to wear it and it will become a struggle to get the harness on each time you need to go outside. The fit of the harness is perhaps the most important factor, as it needs to be secure enough to fit snugly on your dog, but not snug enough to cause chaffing or pain.

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