What types of collars are best to train a cat to walk on a leash?

You don’t want to use any kind of collar, ever, to walk your cat. First, they put far too much pressure, especially when combined with the leash, on a cat’s delicate neck.

Second, collars simply aren’t safe—for either cats or dogs. There’s a reason they’re referred to as “breakaways.” They are designed to open under pressure, and that means an animal can easily slip out of it, which can happen when there is a potentially dangerous situation arising, such as an approaching animal.

Far better is a sturdy harness or walking jacket, combined with a lightweight leash six inches or less in length.

Many choose the “Figure 8” harness for their cat (also for their dogs.) Many cats can quickly and easily figure out how to get out of just a collar if they resist the control of a leash and a Figure 8 Cat Harness adjusts to your cat’s movements and prevents possible choking that can occur when just a collar is used with a leash.

However, others are concerned about possible pinching and they prefer an “H-style” design; this model has two independently adjustable loops connected by a third piece of material.

Both styles are available in pet stores, and the experts there can guide you on the best choice for your cat.

Here’s how to put it on her:
• Pick up your cat and put her in your lap.
• Hold your cat with one hand and slip the loop of the harness over her head with the other hand.
• Wrap the bottom half of the harness around your cat’s chest between the front and back legs.
• Adjust the size of the harness part around the chest, and close the buckle.
• Attach the leash to the metal loop in the center of the harness on your cat’s back and get ready for a walk.

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