What type of music helps calm dogs?

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Sounds have the ability to calm dogs. Anxious or stressed dogs can benefit from soothing music as a type of therapeutic relaxation. However, the genre of music you choose for your dog is important. Many studies have shown that aggressive beats and drums found in music like heavy metal tend to agitate dogs, while melodic tunes found in classical music have a calming effect.

Studies also show that music with simple melodies and slow rhythms tend to be the most beneficial to dogs. Music composed of mostly low tones is preferred over music with very shrill tones because dogs hear higher frequencies than humans and higher tones can become agitating. When choosing a music type to play for your dog, pick something slow and melodic. Some good choices would be classical music or even blues.

Pop music and light rock doesn’t have a great affect on dogs, because most are used to hearing this type of music played by owners either at home or in the car. Change up the type of music you’re playing; this will keep your dog interested and aware of its environment. Additionally, experts advise that dog owners keep music at a lower volume than they would for themselves, as dogs have more sensitive hearing than people do.

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