What to Know About Fostering Puppy Mill Puppies or Dogs

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First-time foster parents may want to make a few considerations before diving into the task. First and foremost, if you have your own canine in the home, fostering may come fast and furious, thus not allowing the family pet to adjust to the new dog in their domain. This could pose a few issues, but even that can be overcome – with time and patience!

Remember that many of these dogs, of any age, are not socialized, they have issues with eating and their feces may not be formed due to inadequate diets. They smell to high heaven since their crates are stacked one on top of the other and the urine and feces rains down upon the others below. In addition, they do not know how to play, and there are even some that cannot stand because they have never been let out of a crate thus not knowing how to use their own legs. Many have inbred fear of humans built into them so it may take some time to build up enough trust so that the canine will not cower when approached.

Fostering a canine that came from a puppy mill will be a challenge and will take a bit of tenacity. But these dogs certainly do deserve an opportunity at a normal life because they have not come close to anything even resembling normalcy in their lives thus far.

When you see the difference that you make, the effort and time that you put into this little life will certainly prove to be worth it. You will be saving the life of another living being!

Melissa Stoneburner is a writer about canines and felines for several sources, print and online. She is also the author of A Little Hope and is working on her next novel.

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