What syringe do I need to give subcutaneous fluids?

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When administering subcutaneous fluids, you will either be delivering the fluids directly out of the intravenous bag, or drawing it up into a syringe. The syringe you use would be determined by the amount of fluids you are required to administer. Small amounts are generally more effective and accurate when administered by a syringe. Larger amounts are easier to handle out of a bag.

Syringes come in a variety of volumes including 1.0ml, 3.0ml, 6.0ml, 12.0ml, 20.0ml, 25.0ml, 30.0ml, and 60.0ml. The size of syringe will be dependent on the amount of fluids that need to be administered, and what size syringe is most comfortable to use. It should have a slip tip or leur lock type of tip that allows a needle or an extension set to be applied.

As always, confer with your veterinarian for the best advice regarding your pet.

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