What should I pack for my dog during a flight?

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When preparing to take a trip with your dog, you want to be sure that you have everything you need for your dog to be safe and comfortable. Traveling by plane can be very stressful for some dogs. Dogs who are fearful or anxious in new environments or around many people may have some real problems with traveling by plane.

In order to make your dog as comfortable and happy as possible during a flight, bring along some of your dogs favorite treats, a favorite toy, and a soft item such as a towel or small blanket that carries a scent from home. These familiar items will comfort a dog in a time of high anxiety in a new place. Avoid feeding your dog food and water during the flight, as this may only make your dog have to go to the bathroom.

If your dog is anxious during flights, you make also need to pack any prescribed medications or sedatives from the veterinarian. Also be sure that you have packed anything you’ll need for when you arrive to your final destination, such as a leash, food bowls, doggy bags and any bedding.

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