What should I feed my dog if he doesn’t have many teeth?

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Dry food is preferable to wet food if your dog has his teeth because chewing kibble provides for a mild scraping action that actually cleans your canine’s teeth in addition to regular dental up keep. However, if your senior dog is missing some teeth, or if his teeth have been neglected, eating kibble may present a chewing challenge. Of course, if your dog has no teeth at all, he will not require the scraping of kibble. In this case, it’s important to continue caring diligently for your dog’s gums.

Dog food is available in a variety of wet or soft formulas, as well as a nutritionally balanced sausage-like roll. One thing to be aware of with any form of dog food is portion control, as the dog may consider it a treat. Recommended amounts are given on the package, and it’s important to adhere to these instructions. A great way to slow your dog down is to add some dry kibble to the mix, as it will also help clean the teeth your dog does have. Of course, dogs have been know to eat their way around the dry pieces, so don’t be surprised if your dog takes the time to be picky.

Kibble is usually lower in fat than the wet and soft foods. One option to consider is presoaking the kibble so it’s softer and easier to eat, however, it shouldn’t be soaked all the way to mush. Some people elect to cook or prepare food for their dogs, allowing for a healthy formula their canine will enjoy. Rice is almost always a good component to add into a dog food mixture, but be sure to check your recipe with your vet to make sure it’s nutritionally sound and meets your dog’s needs.

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