What places should I avoid taking my dog out on a walk?

When deciding where to take your dog on a walk, it’s best to use some common sense to determine what types of environments would be safe, and what type of environments would be dangerous. Dogs who have bad experiences on walks could develop anxiety or fears about going on walks, so you want to avoid dangerous or scary situations. Remember that your dog does not know what is dangerous, so it’s up to you to guide your dog away from dangerous environments.

You should avoid taking your dog to places where there are known stray animals on your walk. These stray animals could potentially harm your dog, or pass on parasites or diseases. You should also avoid areas with any glass or harmful material on the ground that could hurt your dog’s paws. It’s also best to avoid areas with high brush or grass, especially during tick season so that your dog does not get bite by any insects. You should also avoid walking your dog by playgrounds or schools where there are a lot of children who could easily startle and scare your dog.

Some good places to walk your dog include dog-friendly nature trails and parks and family-friendly neighborhoods. Avoid walking your dog on busy streets, however, as the frequency of cars could be frightening to your dog.

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