What personality traits are prone in square-faced cats?

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Kit Jenkins, the program manager for PetSmart Charities, is responsible for developing a theory of profiling feline personality based on facial shape. After two decades of study, Jenkins arrived at three basic facial configurations: square, round, and triangular.

Cats who have square faces tend to be physically larger animals. Maine coons, for instance, would be members of this category. These cats are considered to have qualities that make them more dog-like, being attentive and affectionate with their owners and often following them around.

Square-faced cats are also said to be feline retrievers, happily playing fetch with their humans and engaging in other forms of play more in keeping with canine behavior.

Experts say that these kind of generalizations are highly susceptible to alteration by individual and breed characteristics. It’s also to remember that socialization plays a major role in how a cat interacts with humans and others of his own kind.

Any cat who is well-cared for, loved, and well-socialized will present a more confident face to the world. Also, almost any breed that has a lot of one-on-one time with their human will be more interactive. Cats learn from us just as we learn from them.

While feline facial profiling is an interesting theory, it hardly tells the whole story on any one of these small, fascinating, and complex creatures.

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