What obstacles are needed to create a competitive agility course?

Dog agility courses can be set up in a variety of different ways to test different skills. There are normally many different obstacles needed to create a competitive agility course. These obstacles challenge dogs to maneuver in new ways, figure out how to complete the obstacles, and move with speed and accuracy. Dogs are judged based on how quickly and accurately they complete the competitive agility course.

Some of the standard obstacles that are used to create an agility course include a teeter-totter board, a tunnel, standard jumps, tire jumps, weave poles, a collapsed tunnel, a pause table or box and a dogwalk. You’ll see these obstacles used in most dog agility competitions. The order in which these obstacles are set up depends on the person creating the course.

All dog breeds should be able to complete the course, so spacing the obstacles, height and length of obstacles should be taken into consideration. Dog agility courses can be used for formal competitions, or set up in a backyard or dog training center. Canine agility obstacle courses promote exercise, speed and obedience.

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