What obstacle in feline agility is viewed as the most challenging for cats to master?

Cats competing in a feline agility contest are required to negotiate 10 obstacles. There are four sets of hurdles comprised of 1, 2, 3, and 4 bars each. Additionally, there are two tunnels, weave poles, stairs, and two hoops. The obstacles are positioned 3 feet apart.

Of these obstacles, experts say that the weave poles are the most difficult for the cats to master. About 30 percent of cats do finish the course in the allotted time of four and half minutes. If they are going to balk, however, they balk at the weave poles.

Handlers are not allowed to touch cats during a timed run. They can use target sticks or toys on wands to guide the animal through the course, but once the cat gets distracted, it’s very hard to get them back on track. The constant movement through the weave poles is highly likely to cause the cat’s focus to waver and so is the most problematic of all the obstacles.

The overall performance of any cat in agility competition has to do with the individual’s personality. Some are natural and intuitive performers who immediately catch on. They make for some of the most entertaining agility performers because it’s quite clear they are leading their human handlers and not the other way around.

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