What objects make the best items to engage a dog in a game of fetch?

When teaching your dog how to fetch, be sure to choose an item to throw that will captivate and hold his attention. Generally, items such as favorite toys, balls and Frisbees make excellent items to engage a dog in a game of fetch. Avoid items that are not easy to carry, destroy easily, or do not hold the interest of your dog. These types of items will not make a game of fetch easy for you or your dog.

In order to get your dog to fetch the item, start by waving the item in front of your dog about a foot or two away from him. This will generate excitement and get your dog motivated to run after the object and pick it up. Next, throw the item about five feet in front of you. When your dog runs to the item and puts his mouth on it, begin to clap gently and back away from your dog. This motion will cause your dog to come back towards you, and tell him that you are not going to engage in a chasing match with him in order to retrieve the item.

One of the most important things to remember when teaching your dog to fetch is that you should never go towards your dog to retrieve the item. Always make your dog come back to you. Otherwise, your dog will know that he does not need to return to you with the item in order to continue the game.

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