What objects make the best items to engage a cat in a game of fetch?

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The best objects to train your cat to fetch with are any ones that seem to particularly catch her interest, It should be an object greatly desired by your cat, but preferably not always available to her. A coveted, but restricted, toy will instantly get her attention and pique her curiosity.

Most cats are unable to resist dashing after their toy as it flies across the room and bounces across the floor. If your cat doesn’t respond immediately, you may not be using the cat’s most favorite item or your she may be too lazy. You may need to find a more interesting toy, or else spend time regularly playing with a more sedentary cat, to awaken her innate friskiness first.

Some toys may be difficult to play fetch with, such as a heavier, rubber toy or the type of toy attached to a long stick. Also be sure it’s small enough for her to carry, such as little furry toy mice and birds or crumpled paper balls (a lot of cat love paper).

If you don’t know what her favorite is, try this: Let the cat see the toy and dangle it where the cat can easily see it. If it doesn’t get her attention, go to another one.

NOTE: Fetch is one of those games that will bring out your cat’s hunting instinct. Cats’ play mimics the hunting behavior of wild cats. Kittens learn hunting as social skills, so they play more frequently than older cats.

Just like scratching, play is an instinct cats must act on for good physical and psychological health. Cats without toys or regular play times are likely to get into mischief out of boredom. Play is also important for owner-cat bonding. Elderly cats (ages 10 and up) still enjoy play, though.

Cats naturally hunt at dawn and dusk, so they’re more interested in play at these times.

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