What mood is a cat in the best mindset to learn?’

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It’s a lot easier to train a cat than you’d think, but the key to training a cat is to first explore how cats learn. They’ll never do anything they don’t want to, so you need to get them motivated, and that’s usually with a tiny amount of something they love. Cats learn by experience; if it’s good, they’ll try to repeat it, but if it’s bad, they’ll try to avoid it.

You need to be sure she finds the session rewarding, pleasurable and fun. Remember, also, that cats are curious and they tend to be fascinated by shiny, new objects. Since they’re very intelligent, that curiosity and fascination will lead naturally to a motivation to learn.

Your mindset is just as important! Don’t try to train when you’re angry, upset or tired. Your cat will only have a negative reaction and she probably won’t respond.

Here are a few things to keep in mind so you and your cat can have the most productive and enjoyable session possible:
• Always use a calm voice: Don’t shout or use high pitch sounds because they will upset your cat, leading to inattentiveness and unresponsiveness.
• Clickers: Clicker training is an excellent tool and reinforces positive behavior. It’s also a lot of fun for both you and the cat!
• Be patient. Just like people, some cats learn faster than others.
• Repetition: A regular chedule will help her look forward to the training sessions.
• Verbal praise: Should always be given after each correct behavioral response, perhaps with a little extra petting.
NOTE: Although you can train without a treat (except in the instance of clicker training, where the treat must immediately follow the click), treats should never account for more than 10 percent of your cat’s daily caloric allotment. (To calculate, 20 to 30 calories for every pound, adjusting up or down for activity level, life cycle or illness)

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