What Medications Need to be Given in Liquid Form?

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Several different types of medications can be formulated into liquid form. It is not necessarily essential these medications be in liquid form, but it is often purchased this way for the relative ease of administering the medication to patients.

Many pet owners find it difficult to administer capsules or tablets to their pets. This anxiety causes medications to not be given in their entirety, creating the potential for prolonged illness or bacterial resistance due to not receiving the complete dose of antibiotics. The incomplete medical treatment of illness is one of the leading causes of return visits to the veterinarian.

When a medication can be formulated into a liquid, many veterinarians see an increased compliance from pet owners in finishing the medication as prescribed. Liquids are generally easier to administer since it is more difficult for the patient to spit the medication out, if administered properly. The capillary properties of liquid cause it to glide towards the back of the throat. This forces a dog or cat to swallow when it reaches the trachea and esophagus. Success is almost guaranteed, unless the pet is able to avoid the eyedropper by which the medication is being administered.

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