What items should you have on hand when giving your dog a bath?

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Giving your dog a bath at home doesn’t have to be a chaotic event, as long as you have the right supplies on hand to help make the process easier. Most dogs don’t like getting baths, so it’s important to be prepared so that the bath can go quickly and without much stress for you or the dog.

First, prepare the area where you will bathe your dog by removing anything you don’t want to get wet. Most people will bathe their dog in the bathroom, so you should take out any floor mats, special décor, or other items that may be damaged by a wet dog.

Next, put supplied in the bathroom that you’ll need before, during and after the bath. These items normally include a brush, shampoo, detangling spray and towels. Some pet owners will take care of all of the grooming that needs to be done while they are bathing their dog, so nail trimmers and a toothbrush might also be items to have on hand while giving your dog a bath.

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