What is your pet saying?

Have you ever wanted to know exactly what your pet is trying to tell you? Con Slobodchikoff, PhD, professor emeritus at Northern Arizona University, is on a mission to do just that. He explains on his website that he has studied the decoding of animal communications across different species.

Slobodchikoff has focused his original research on the communications of the prairie dog, saying that they talk to each other using “the most sophisticated animal language that has been decoded.” In the prairie dog language, descriptors seem to break down to species, size, shape, and color. For example, a coyote might be combination of sounds for “coyote, medium, rectangular, brown,” while a snake would be “snake, large, cylindrical, gray.”

Slobodchikoff believes that we are only about 5 to 10 years away from having this technology available. In a recent interview with “The Atlantic”, he stated that it would be world-changing. “Consider that, for example, 40 percent of all households in America have dogs, 33 percent have cats — at least one cat, at least one dog. And consider that something like 4 million dogs are euthanized every year because of behavioral problems. Well, most problems are because of the lack of communication between animal and human. The human can’t get across to the animal what the human expects, and the animal can’t get across to the human what it’s experiencing. And if we had a chance to talk back and forth, the dog could say, “You’re scaring me.” And you could say, “Well, I’m sorry, I didn’t realize that I was scaring you. I’ll give you more space.”

Read his full interview with The Atlantic – https://www.theatlantic.com/technology/archive/13/06/animal-behaviorist-well-soon-have-devices-that-let-us-talk-with-our-pets/276532/

Or visit his website for more information – https://conslobodchikoff.com/

Jodi G. Thomson was born and raised in Seattle WA, she and her husband relocated to Houston TX in 2010. She enjoys writing and spending time with her husband and their pets.

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