What is tocopherol?

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Trocopherol is just a fancy word for Vitamin E. This vitamin is one of six key substances essential for important bodily functions, like fat metabolism and the formation of cell membranes. Unlike other vitamins that are water-soluble and excreted from the body, E is stored inside the body as fat, so too much could prove toxic.
Cats need vitamin E more than many other types of pets because the oily tuna so many cats love to eat contains little vitamin E; they eat a lot of canned, fishy food that is packed with a lot of oil, making it high in polyunsaturated fats, but low in vitamin E found in seeds, cereal grains and plant oils.
When your cat doesn’t get enough vitamin E she may act lethargic and depressed and lose her appetite and experience enlarged spleens and problems with blood clotting. Moreover, another problem is steatis. This causes inflamed fatty tissue in cats accompanied by fever and pain in the chest and abdomen.
Many experts say your pet should get at least 30 international units (a measurement equivalent to roughly 6.7 milligrams) of vitamin E daily, and also stress that the amount of vitamin E your pet should consume depends a lot on his diet; those cats that eat substantial oily fish should have three to four times more vitamin E than their counterparts who consume less E-sapping fish oil.
Discuss this thoroughly with your veterinarian.
Some food manufacturers use vitamin E as a natural preservative; it occurs naturally in foods like soybean oil, broccoli and sunflower oil, all among the most common in pet foods.
As cats age, they can experience up to a 30 percent loss of body function, contributed, in part, by environmental pollutants and poor diet. Proper nutrition can help slow the progression of many diseases and add years to your cat’s life. Vitamins, such as A, C and E, will assist in keeping your senior cat healthy.
Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant, killing free radicals responsible for aging and illness. Vitamin E is also important for normal muscle function and disease resistance.

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