What is the story of Marley the Labrador retriever?

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John Grogan told the story of his dog, Marley in the popular movie, “Marley and Me” and the best-selling book, Marley & Me: Life and Love with the World’s Worst Dog, an autobiography. This is the true story about a man and his dog, Marley, and their life of getting to know each other and cohabitating. Grogan and his family got Marley and experienced the frustrations and joy of owning the dog throughout the 13 years of Marley’s life.

Marley was described as being uncontrollable, boisterous and free-spirited. The yellow Labrador retrieverwas not a typical dog, and often gets into trouble and destroys things around the house. While at first his eager personality is charming, it quickly begins to annoy the family and becomes a point of contention. However, it’s clear that Marley had a good heart and was not trying to be disobedient. It was just his nature to be rambunctious and adventurous.

His family could never truly be angry with Marley throughout the entirety of the story because Marley was devoted to the family and showed love and trust each day. Marley was described as having a heart of gold. When Marley eventually dies at age 13 of bloat, his family was devastated by the loss, but through Grogan’s book and movie, Marley lives on.

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