What is the safest way to dispose of used litter?

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Here’s why you want to dispose of cat litter safely: toxoplasmosis. Although this disease can infect humans, toxoplasmosis is not a cause for concern IF you follow proper hygiene, which includes keeping the litter box clean.Toxoplasma (the parasite that causes toxoplasmosis) can only infect humans through cat feces, raw meat and contaminated soil, so if you follow the precautions there’s no need for concern.
If litter is disposed of improperly, the bacteria and parasites can enter the water, harming people and other animals.That doesn’t apply to pregnant woman who should not empty or clean litter boxes because the infection can transmit to the unborn child.
Toxoplasma is a parasite that is common in animals, but rarely causes any problems. However, there are times when it can produce eggs in cats, such as when the cat eats infected meat; then, the parasite multiplies in the walls of the cat’s intestines. The cat eliminates the eggs, or oocysts, in their feces.
Here’s how to get rid of it in a manner that keeps both you and the environment safe:
• Pour all the used cat litter from the litter box into a plastic garbage bag and scrape off any wet litter stuck to the bottom.
• Clean the bottom of the tray by spraying it with a cleaner and wiping with paper towels. Put the used paper towels into the plastic garbage bag. This ensures that all of the litter and cat waste is properly disposed of.
• Tie the garbage bag closed so that there are no openings and litter cannot fall out of the garbage bag.
• Place the bag into the garbage can for trash collection.
• Make sure you wear gloves when cleaning the litter box. If you are pregnant, you MUST wear gloves—or have someone else clean it for you.

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