What is the safe way to separate feuding canines?

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Dogs can fight for any number of reasons including territory, possessions, or dominance. Whatever the reason, it’s important to be very careful around fighting dogs, especially if you want to separate them. It’s important that you train your dog to interact with other dogs and socialize early on to help reduce the chances that the dog will fight with other dogs.

The best thing to do is to try to prevent the feud from happening in the first place. If you see an aggressive dog approaching, try to gain control of the situation by leading your dog away and shouting “no!” at the other dog to deter his advance.

If two dogs are fighting and you want to break up the fight, try to distract them from each other. Once they’re in a fighting mentality, it can be very hard to break a dog out of a fight. Dogs can easily turn into primal predators that will stop at nothing to win, so keep your hands and body in a safe position to avoid being bitten. Try spraying the fighting dogs with water to snap them out of the fight and regain control of the situation. Never put your hands in the middle of the dogs, and if you make an attempt to pull (never push) them apart, pull their hind legs.

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