What is the quick on a claw?

The quick of a nail is living flesh that is part of the dog’s claw. If you cut a dog’s nail too short during nail trimming, you’ll most likely clip the quick of the nail as well, which will cause pain and bleeding. Many dog owners shy away from cutting their dog’s nails for fear of trimming a dog’s nails too short and hitting the quick. However, trimming a dog’s nails is an essential part of being a dog owner and should not be overlooked.

The quick of a dog’s nail will be pink and triangular in shape. Seeing the quick on a dog’s nail that is light colored is much easier than seeing the quick on a dog’s nail that is black or darkly colored. It is much easier to trim a dog’s nails if they are light colored than if they are dark.

If you can see the quick of the nail, make sure to leave distance between the quick and where you cut the nail. Cutting the quick can cause excessive bleeding and will leave your dog in pain. If you can’t see the quick, only trim your dog’s nails slightly, or take your dog to a groomer or a veterinarian to have a professional cut your dog’s nails.

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