What is the proper way to use tear-stain remover products?

Many topical tear-stain removers are packaged as pre-moistened pads, while others are towelettes sealed in foil. For solutions that come bottled, you will need to lay in a supply of soft, sterile gauze pads.

Use extreme caution in handling your cat so as not to increase its anxiety. In general cats are termed “less restraint” animals. If they feel they are being forcibly held down, they will fight.

If your cat is not cooperative, wrap him in a towel or pillowcase. Gently stabilize his head with one hand, but do not apply a firm grip that will cause the cat to panic.

If there is dried “matter” in the corner of the eye, soften it by applying warm water on a cotton pad, pressing gently for a few second and then wiping the material down and away from the eye. Never use the same cotton pad twice.

You will use the same “down and away” stroke with the tear-stain remover product. Do not exert force or scrub the area. Be sure to read the instructions on the product packaging for any additional usage details.

It is extremely important, no matter how safe the product purports to be, to never get anything in the cat’s eyes, which are highly sensitive and easily damaged.

If you are working with a long-haired cat, consider having a professional groomer clip the hair around the animal’s eyes regularly. This will not only lessen the degree of staining and make cleaning the area easier, it will also prevent any build-up of the stain removal product in the fur.

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