What is the proper way to introduce a dog and cat in the same household?

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Every animal has a unique personality. Dogs and cats are no different. People imagine dogs and cats as mortal enemies, but this is not always the case. Let’s look at some of the positive aspects to bringing a dog into a home with one or multiple felines:

If you own one (or several) cats, you should begin by changing his routine at home a couple of weeks before bringing a dog into the house. Move his water and food bowls to a higher place where the dog cannot reach them. Also, make sure there are high places for the cat to get out of the reach of the dog if the dog begins to chase him. Another good idea is to create a safe room in your home where the cat can go without being followed by the dog. This may mean you have to install a “kitty” door for the cat, but the results will make the work worth your effort.

When you bring the dog home for the first time, it is best to bring her into the house inside a crate. This will provide the cat a safe way to smell the dog without losing his dignity by being chased. Another way to do this is to keep the dog on a leash. However, the cat will most likely not approach the dog in this manner. Most dogs are going to be very interested in smelling the cat. Most likely, the cat will either totally ignore the dog or smack it on the nose the first time the dog sticks its nose anywhere near his face. This is an okay reaction, and is considered normal behavior. The cat has to establish its place in the pecking order.

Do not leave a cat and a new dog alone unsupervised, and give each animal several weeks to get use to one another. Once the cat and dog begin living in harmony, you will be able to watch the antics of a dog/cat relationship develop before your very eyes.

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