What is the proper technique in giving liquid medications to a dog?

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When administering liquid medications, it is important to place the medication into the back of the mouth to ensure that it does not dribble out the side of the dog’s mouth. In order to administer the medication, first make sure you have all of the necessary supplies.

Double check the dosage of medication to be administered, and have it ready before calling your dog. This will ensure that you are not fumbling around trying to pull up the medication, while simultaneously attempting to restrain your pet at the same time. You want the administration of medication to be as smooth and as anxiety free as possible when it comes to helping your pet stay healthy.

It is best to keep your dog’s mouth closed and gently place your syringe or eye dropper in the corner of the mouth towards the back of the throat with the nose tipped slightly up. Slowly administer the medication as the dog begins to swallow, so that the oral cavity is not flooded, causing the dog to aspirate. By doing this slowly, you’ll ensure the dog swallows the fluid and does not accidently aspirate it.

Any coughing or choking means you should stop administration and wait for the dog to recover before administering any more medication.

If you have any concerns when medicating your pet, do not hesitate to call your veterinarian for advice.

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