What is the most popular cat breed?

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Since the Cat Fanciers’ Association began keeping records in 1871, the most popular cat breed in the United States has been the Persian.

The breed is distinguished for their sweet, round faces and squashed noses. Long-haired, with big, intense eyes, and small ears, Persians are some of the most laid back animals you’ll ever meet.

Highly affectionate, but placid and adaptable, Persians are happy, confident, playful creatures. They are not especially talkative, and although they like the companionship of their humans, they do not typically suffer from separation anxiety, although they don’t like to be alone for extended periods.

Quiet, pleasant, and not demanding, the only potential drawback to these cats in the minds of some people is the fact that they are long-haired. Persians are definitely indoor cats and they definitely need attention.

All indoor cats shed year round, and if Persians are not regularly brushed, you’ll not only have hair all over the house, you’ll have a cat hacking up hairballs and likely covered in mats.

Because Persians are very good about being handled, it’s not difficult to brush or comb one — or even to bathe it for that matter — but these are chores that are best when done daily.

For people who do not mind this level of maintenance, a Persian can be a near perfect feline companion.

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