What is the definition of a hypoallergenic cat food diet?

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Hypoallergenic foods do not contain the ingredients that are known to be allergens for cats. These ingredients could include wheat, corn, chicken, rice, dairy or beef as well as a range of other ingredients that you may never have even considered. When a cat has food allergies, starting them on a hypoallergenic cat food diet can help to ease the symptoms and restore them to good health.

Hypoallergenic cat foods will contain only those ingredients that have not been seen to be potential allergens for cats. This doesn’t mean that your cat can’t be uniquely allergic to one of the ingredients in the hypoallergenic cat food, so it’s important to keep an eye out for adverse reactions.

Your vet is the best source of information about what your cat’s possible allergies. Your vet is able to do blood tests and skin tests to check for allergic reactions. The majority of vets, however, recommend starting cats on a prescription hypoallergenic cat food that contains as few potential allergens as possible.

These types of prescription diets can sometimes be very expensive, which is why many cat owners opt to switch their cats to another brand of hypoallergenic cat food. When you are shopping for an alternative hypoallergenic cat food for your allergic feline, you’ll need to carefully read the list of ingredients so that you can eliminate those foods that contain ingredients your cat has displayed sensitivities to in the past.

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