What is the definition of a dominant dog?

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Dominance and aggression are two very different things. Dominance is a desire to run things and have everything his (or her) way.
Aggression is the desire or intent to cause harm. The aggressive dog intends to hurt or damage another living being. Sometimes a dog may exhibit both dominance and aggression. Just like people, dominant dogs who are also aggressive like getting their own way and may resent efforts to control them.
Dominant behavior in dogs is the natural result of their having no concept of equality. Every member of their social world is seen as being either higher or lower in rank than they are. This social world includes their immediate family (people, other dogs, cats, etc.) and any other dogs they meet casually. The more dominant a dog is by nature, the harder it will try for a high rank. Puppies as young as two weeks old can be classified as dominant and there are varying degrees, depending upon how the dog is raised.
Dominant dogs can be a challenge, because they’ll constantly test and try to take matters into their own hands. They’ll try to make decisions for the family and it can lead to aggression because sometimes they’ll try to enforce those decisions by force. ..
Here are just a few signs that you may have a dominant dog:
• Jumping or reaching for food or treat before it is put down or in reach.
• Putting her feet on you, standing on or pawing at you.
• Barking at you when told to do something or when she wants something.
• Getting on furniture before you or before being given permission.
• Reluctance to move from a spot you want to sit on, walk through or put something in.
• Reluctance to release food or toys
• Reluctance to obey simple, normal commands such as sit, go-out, get-off, etc. May be a refusal or slow compliance.
• Guarding food, toys or locations that they see as theirs.
• Tries to always eat before you.
• Pushing through doors before you.
You need to be sure that you are well established as the clear leader and the dog is the follower. If you have a dominant dog, obedience sessions are a must. Consult with a professional dog trainer or your veterinarian.

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