What is the danger of my dog eating raisins?

Both grapes and raisins are on the list of foods your dog should never eat. If your dog gets into the raisins, call your veterinarian or animal poison control center immediately. Do not wait for symptoms to manifest, as they can come on sharply and suddenly and lead to a fast death.

Keep in mind that raisins are dried versions of grapes. While still on the vine, the grape may develop a mycotoxin, a fungus, which turns into a poison.

Raisins will specifically cause:
• Gastrointestinal Discomfort
Diarrhea is common and the dog may experience pain when you touch her stomach, moaning, crying, snarling, or even showing her teeth.
• Vomiting
Vomiting, retching, heaving, gasping and eating grass are all signs that your dog needs to throw up. Eating large quantities of any food can elicit this reaction, so don’t panic, but do contact your veterinarian immediately. Make sure that the dog has plenty of water so that she does not become dehydrated.
• Kidney Failure
A wide variety of signs can indicate kidney failure in dogs. Drinking excessive amounts of water, having blood in the urine and remaining in a hunched-over position are key indicators if your dog is experiencing renal failure. Raisin-related renal problems tend to manifest within 24 hours, so if your dog is lethargic or her breath suddenly starts to smell truly terrible (not just regular dog breath), then this can indicate that toxins are building up in her system and that the kidneys are no longer functioning effectively.
If you discover that your dog has eaten raisins, your veterinarian may recommend inducing your dog to vomit, especially if you’ve caught the dog right after she’s eaten them, to get the raisins out of your dog’s system.
However, the veterinarian may also use IV fluids, coal treatments to absorb the toxins or even administer a sedative, if the dog seems especially stressed.

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