What is the danger of letting my dog drink wine?

Wine averages 10 percent alcohol and it not only depresses a dog’s central nervous system, but it also changes the animal’s blood chemistry, resulting in metabolic acidosis which damages the liver and kidneys.

Wine also contains grapes, and grapes are highly toxic to dogs. Drinking wine can cause dogs to develop kidney failure and inability to produce urine.

While dogs can survive, it can also be fatal and, unfortunately, rushing your dog to the vet for fast treatment doesn’t necessarily guarantee that she still won’t go into kidney failure.

No one really knows why wine has such a bad effect on dogs, but It is assumed that the problem is a mycotoxin, which is a poison that can be generated when a fungal infection attacks grapevines.This kind of poison can be found in any grapes, whether it’s grown on a vine in the yard or bought in the supermarket. It also doesn’t matter if the grape is red, green, seeded or seedless.

There are two factors that affect the degree of toxicity. One is, of course, the size of the dog. A small Yorkie will have a much greater and faster reaction than a Great Dane.

The other factor is the amount of grape used in the wine. Although all wines are created from grapes, some do contain other products, while some wines are mainly or all grapes and those wines are the most dangerous.

Here’s what will happen if your dog consumes some wine: She may initially experience vomiting, or loose stools at first, but it will progress to lethargy, a refusal to drink, and a lack of appetite. Then, in as little as 48 hours, she can go into kidney failure

If you see your dog lick up some wine, or if you even suspect she has, call your veterinarian or your local ASPCA animal poison control center immediately. Treatment might include inducement of vomiting, IV fluids or medications.

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