What is the concern of commercial dog food containing peanut hulls?

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Peanut shells are typically ground up and used for condiments and spreads. Now, more and more, commercial dog foods are also including them to make the dog feel more full while consuming less quality food. There are many concerns with this practice, including:
• Obesity: Peanut hulls are loaded with carbohydrates and that’s not good for any dog, especially one who is dieting.
It’s important to remember that dogs are basically carnivores. Yes, they do eat some plant-based food and, while plant foods do contain protein, that substance often has a different nutrient profile and may not contain all of the essential amino acids. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein.
While a small amount of high-quality carbohydrate is beneficial to dogs, large quantities can be harmful, because the short digestive tract of a dog is designed to process meat.
Adding cooked green beans to your dog’s diet can duplicate the full feeling achieved by adding filler ingredients. In addition to being filling and low in calories, green beans provide beneficial fiber that will help the dog digest her food.
• Salt: A lot of people wonder just what the salt content is of shells and, while the outside shell, or hull, may not contain any, there is the inside skin that’s also part of a shell. Excessive salt intake leads to cardiovascular problems, including high blood pressure.
• Toxins: The shells may harbor a variety of mold called Aspergillus flavus, which produces an extremely toxic substance called aflatoxin.
• Allergies: Just like humans, dogs can develop allergies from repeated peanut exposure. The effects of a peanut allergy in canines can be just as devastating as an allergy in humans, according to the “The Allergy Solution for Dogs.”
• Digestive Problems: The outer layer is comprised of a high amount of fiber, and is extremely difficult for the dog’s body to digest.

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