What is the best way to use food or tuna juice to mask the taste of liquid medicine to ensure my cat receives her medicine?

Some cats come running when they hear a can of tuna being opened.Use this to your advantage when you need to give medicine to your cat and looking for a way to mask the taste of the medicine. .

If you need to disguise the medicine inside food, here are some options:
• Tiny chunks of cooked meat.
• Canned pumpkin. Many cats enjoy the taste of pumpkin and it is full of vitamins and fiber. Make sure it’s the 100-percent pure pumpkin, though, and not pie filling.
• Sprinkled cheese.
• Pill pockets. These pet commercial products come in assorted flavors and hide pills well. One word of caution: Your cat will still probably catch on very fast and refuse the “tainted” treat.

You may decide it’s just easier to administer the pill yourself. There are three ways to hold your cat to give the pill. The first method involves holding the top of your cat’s head by placing your thumb on one side of the upper jaw and your fingers on the other side. Tilt your cat’s head back gently until her nose points toward the ceiling, which should cause your cat’s jaw to open slightly.

The second method involves putting your hand under your cat’s chin with your thumb in one cheek, and your fingers in the other; push gently until your cat opens her mouth.

The third method is ONLY for cats that like to be held on their back. Cradle her like a baby, but make sure her head and neck is in an upright position. Use your hand to open her mouth.

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