What is the best way to remove mats in a dog’s coat?

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Mats in a dog’s coat can be tricky things to deal with, so it’s best to try to prevent them from forming in the first place. A mat is a tangle of hair that can be in the topcoat or undercoat of a dog’s fur. A mat can form on its own, or form around a burr or dirt that gets into the coat. Brushing a dog and bathing a dog regularly will help to keep matting at bay. However, if a mat does form, it’s important to deal with it so that the matting doesn’t get worse.

To remove mats in a dog’s coat, you can either tackle the mat when it’s dry, or first give your dog a bath with a deep conditioner to try to loosen the mat. Different methods work best for different types of fur. The tools you’ll need to remove a mat include a comb, a slicker brush, scissors, and detangling spray. Spray matted areas with the detangling spray and allow it to soak in. Then use your fingers to gently work the mat loose.

After you have eased the knotted fur with your fingers, then move on to the brushing and combing. If you find a very tightly knotted clump of fur, trim away the worst parts with your blunt-nosed scissors. Keep working with the knotted fur until the mat it out. This may take some time and need to be done in a few sessions depending on your dog and the severity of the mat.

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