What is the best way to put on a muzzle for a Bulldog or other breed with a pushed-in face?

Bulldogs are generally sweet and affectionate, but there might be a time when you’ll need to muzzle the dog. For instance, if she’s hurt and in pain because, very often, she’ll snap and bite if someone picks her up to take her to the veterinary clinic.

Bulldogs can also be stubborn and tenacious. Do yourself a favor then and save yourself from those frustrating games of hide ‘n seek: Introduce your bulldog to the muzzle before you actually need to use it

• First, you must know the difference between the two types of muzzles: Basket, which allows the dog to pant freely and drink water at will, and Occlusion, which keeps the mouth of the dog completely shut and should only be used for short periods.
• Introduce your dog to the muzzle with enthusiasm; how well she tolerates it will depend upon the first few times she sees and wears it.
• Place the muzzle over your dog’s snout and fasten the straps. It should fit securely, but not hurt. Some muzzles have a strap that secures it around the snout, and almost all of them have a strap that secures it around the dog’s head. If your dog starts pulling away and doesn’t take kindly to the process, take a step back and start over again. Offer her another treat inside the muzzle and entice her to come back.
• After she gets the hang of eating a treat in this fashion, praise her and put the muzzle away. Keeping each session short and positive will encourage her to accept the muzzle.
• Repeat the muzzle training session the next day and try to hold the muzzle over your dog’s nose a bit longer, encouraging her and praising her when she allows you to do so. As she becomes accustomed to the muzzle, secure the buckle around the back of her head and try feeding her treats through the muzzle holes.
• End the session after a few minutes but repeat it every day until your dog allows you to put the muzzle on her without hesitation.

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