What is the best way to measure my cat’s food each day?

A cat’s caloric intake is determined by her weight, as well as by the kind of food she eats. Dry food and canned cat food contain a different number of calories. A cat should consume 30 calories per pound of her body weight per day. There are different caloric requirements for canned food versus dry food. Make sure you follow the feeding instructions on the bag. You might also want to talk to your veterinarian or a pet nutritional expert.
Generally, here’s how to measure:
• Weigh your cat.
• Calculate the number of calories your cat needs by multiplying her weight in pounds by 30.
• Dry cat food has an average of 300 calories per cup. At 30 calories per pound, an eight-pound cat needs 240 calories.
• Measure 4/5 cup of dry cat food in a measuring cup and pour it in your cat’s bowl. This amount is enough to feed your cat for one day.
• Weigh your cat.
• Calculate the number of calories your cat needs by multiplying her weight in pounds by 30.
• On average, canned cat food contains 200 calories per 6 1/2-ounce can. An eight-pound cat should have 240 calories per day, which is equal to 1 1/5 cans per day.
• Scoop one can of cat food and 1/5 of a second can of cat food into your cat’s bowl each day. If desired, divide this amount into two feedings per day.
NOTE: Daily caloric intake can vary, according to health problems, pregnancy, metabolism and activity level. Be sure to discuss this with your veterinarian.
Also, especially in this challenging economy, some people might try to save by purchasing a more inexpensive brand of food. It may not be balanced, however, and cats are known for eating to meet their nutritional requirements. That means a cat may eat more of the inexpensive food so that she gets her nutrients, while she probably won’t eat need to eat the same amount of a more well-balanced food.

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