What is the best grooming tools to use on wire-coated breeds?

The actual answer to the question of the best grooming tool for a wire-coated breed is “none.” The most representative breed in this coat type is the American Wirehair, a medium-sized, affectionate cat with curly whiskers and a sweet expression.

Although described by some as “hard” to the touch or looking like steel wool, the American Wirehair’s fur is actually dense and slightly springy. The coat is highly resilient because the individual hairs are slightly bent or crooked. Colors and patterns vary widely, but the texture is relatively uniform across the breed, which is uniquely American and was developed from a genetic mutation in an original litter of six.

Maintaining this cat’s coat is described as “medium” in difficulty. The real grooming problem with the breed is actually an overproduction of ear wax rather than shedding or tangling, so the challenge for any owner is actually learning appropriate care in that area.

Due to the unique texture of the American Wirehair’s coat, less grooming in terms of brushing and combing is best, since those actions can damage the coat. The better option with a Wirehair is to establish a routine of regular baths to remove dead hair and to keep the fur from getting rather greasy.

Generally, if American Wirehairs are introduced to bathing early, and the chore is handled as a pleasant experience, these good-natured cats are accepting of the process.

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