What is the BARF diet?

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BARF stands for Bones and Raw Foods. This diet is gaining more popularity for both dogs and cats, but is offered to cats more frequently. There are a few important principles about the BARF diet that should be noted by cat owners..

The basic principle of the BARF diet is that all food fed to the cat should be raw. This means that any vegetables or fruits need to be raw, as well as eggs and meats. Dogs may require more in the way of fruits and vegetables, but cats are obligate carnivores, which means that they need to eat primarily meat.

Meat is not the only type of raw food offered to the cats; they are also offered raw meaty bones. The idea behind this practice is that cats in the wild thrive off of eating meat and raw meaty bones. They are not fed, nor do they seek out items like wheat, corn, carrots and  potatoes.

The raw meats that are offered to cats could include beef, lamb, venison, fish, turkey and even rabbit. It is vital that the bones are not cooked or thawed in the microwave as this can lead to the bones splintering and becoming a choking hazard, a potentially life-threatening concern for cats.

Before you switch your cat to a new diet, it is important that you first consult with your veterinarian. This will help to ensure that your cat is healthy enough to make the switch, and that there are no underlying medical conditions that should be addressed before you make a drastic change in your cat’s diet.

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